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The cap top is crowned by the Montblanc emblem emblazoned with the pirate symbol at its centre.
An engraving of ‘Under the wide and starry sky’, written in mirror writing on the platinum-coated cap top ring, symbolizes the duality of human nature described in Stevenson’s works.
Behind the platinum-coated clip, lines converge in a compass rose, while the clip imitates the shape of a belaying pin..
Vertical lines on the cap bring to mind planks of the schooner Hispaniola and a traditional sea chest
The years of Robert Louis Stevenson’s life, 1850–1894, are engraved on the cap

The black precious resin barrel is decorated with engraved crosses, including a larger ‘X’ like the one marking the location of the treasure on the map.
The cap ring is adorned with an engraving of the author’s signature alongside the publication date of his first work, The Pentland Rising, from 1866.
The handcrafted, solid Au 750 gold nib is engraved with fine waves and the title given to him by the Samoans, ‘Tusitala’, which means storyteller.
The silhouette of the writing instrument and the rings on the cone combine to create an impression of a historic, extendable spyglass.


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